Stiletto Red Hostess Apron

Our Hostess Aprons are sassy and fun to wear.

Wear them at your next dinner party and they are sure to strike up a conversation or turn a head or two.

Or wear just the apron and a pair of high heels

and meet that special someone at the door.

Our satin waistband and ties are flattering on any outfit.

They also make great gifts and are served with our"Stiletto Cake" recipe.

One Size Fits All

Made in USA

 Our extra long ties and the pocket are made in crepe back satin.

The apron is made in poly cotton with lace at the bottom and around the pocket.

The waistband is 2 ¾ inches wide and the ties are 42 inches each.

The apron is 16 inches long

and the pocket is 5 ½ inches wide by 6 inches long.